We're providing an update on the recent incident affecting some SuperWebHost accounts.

WHAT: Network Component Failure
On Dec 19th, at approximately 7 PM PST, a critical network component failure impacted the connection between the compute nodes and the storage arrays. Identifying the issue took time due to our cloud platform's complexity.

After extensive efforts, a replacement component was acquired, connected, and programmed.  At that point, we were able to assess the damage to the storage nodes and repairs to the storage systems.  As those repairs completed we re-established connections to compute nodes and brought servers and secondary disks back online.

For those already back, we'll contact you soon about migrating to our faster, more secure platform with enhanced resilience and a new backup system.

Services are mostly restored; however, one issue remains.  We still find disk faults with the Stratus02 server's /home1 directory.   These disk faults hamper our efforts to restore data from both the failed disk and backups.  We are continuing to work on this issue and do hope to have positive news by the end of the week, though we cannot guarantee it.

Let us know if you have local backups you wish us to restore from or prefer that we just create a new account to get you up more quickly then the current restore process.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we ensure a robust hosting experience.

Thank you,
SuperWebHost Staff

Monday, December 25, 2023

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