Update: Recent Service Disruption and Resolution

We're providing an update on the recent incident affecting some SuperWebHost accounts. WHAT: Network Component FailureOn Dec 19th, at approximately 7 PM PST, a critical network component failure impacted the connection between the compute nodes and the storage arrays. Identifying the issue took time due to our cloud platform's ... Read More »

25th Dec 2023
Important Notice: Emergency Migration for Improved Service!

Dear Customer,We wanted to let you know about an important update that is currently underway. WHAT: Emergency MigrationStarting from 12/23/2023, SuperWebHost is conducting an emergency migration of all Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting customers to new servers. We've implemented advanced cPanel migration tools to ensure a seamless transition ... Read More »

23rd Dec 2023
Large Scale Network Issue - Resolved

We are back up and running. As mentioned previously we experienced a large scale network issue which was outside of our control. This affected hundreds of servers.  The top priority was getting services back up and running.  Now that they are up and running we are waiting for the network engineers at the data center we use to provide us with ... Read More »

9th Sept 2018
Small Maintenance Window On All Servers

We are applying a security patch to all servers tonight. This patch will require at least one, and possibly two reboots of each machine.  These will be graceful reboots which will not damage any data. Average downtime will be about 5 - 10 minutes for each reboot.    It is currently a little after 9pm PST on 08/31 and we will be doing these ... Read More »

31st Aug 2018
All Systems Optimal

At this time all services are available and running.

28th Aug 2018